The Spirit of New York

New York’s energy has captivated the world for decades. When most people think about the “city that never sleeps,” they think about its iconic landmarks, loud streets, and fast-paced lifestyle. Having lived in New York City for nearly 15 years, I came to know a different side of the Big Apple - a side filled with moments of quiet solitude amidst the chaos. From 2016-2018 I photographed these peaceful moments that show a more subtle side of the city. These images explore the ephemeral quality of our human experience in New York - from dancers practicing their craft in Central Park to people walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on a rainy evening, the city is filled with pockets of tranquility if we give it space.

This series showcases a softer, more nostalgic side of the city that never sleeps. Select images featured in my November 2023 article for BBC's SpeciaList travel segment, "Discover the eight best photo-ops in New York City."

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