Kate is an independent photo and video journalist, documentary filmmaker, and photographer. She speaks globally at universities, conferences, and corporations on topics ranging from ethics in media to human rights issues. Born and raised in New York, Kate currently resides in Canada and is available for covering assignments worldwide.

Kate is known for her nostalgic, evocative imagery, capturing both the beauty and complexity of our planet and our shared humanity. What Kate loves most is exploring off-the-beaten path places with her camera. She has a knack for uncovering hidden stories and has a unique ability to connect with individuals form all walks of life. Her most notable work is her independent photo and video journalism on the Herero and Nama genocide of Southern Africa, which was picked up by BBC News and BBC Travel. She is grateful for the BBC platform to elevate the voices of communities long waiting to share their deeply important stories. 

Kate studied photography at New York's School of Visual Arts. Prior to photography, completed a BA in International Relations at Fordham University and an MSc in Economics from the University of London. Her research background has strengthened her ability to approach her work from a different angle than traditional journalists and filmmakers.

As a contributor with BBC Travel, Kate shares their mission of making people "fall in love with the world." In 2019, her photo essay and documentary short about the Fair Circles of Namibia placed her on   the "Best of BBC Travel 2019." In 2020, she was one of a select few to win the Lowell Thomas award for Best Travel Video through the Society of American Travel Writers. In 2021 she was selected as a video contributor to BBC Travel's "50 Reasons to Love the World" campaign with Delta Airlines.

Kate wishes to continue to share the beauty, complexity, and synchronicity of our shared planet with the world.

Behind the scenes as Kate films the setting sun overlooking Epupa falls between Angola and Namibia. 2017.

Behind the scenes from Kate and MAKS PRODUCTION's commercial shoot for RealEats in Geneva, New York. 2022.

Behind the scenes in southern Namibia as Kate films drone footage for BBC Travel. 2019.

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BBC Travel

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BBC News

Al Jazeera


New Era Publication Corporation

J.C. Flowers Foundation

Atlas Merchant Capital

ANI Private Resorts



Kate provides commercial video production through her collaboration with MAKS PRODUCTION studios. See the MAKS PRODUCTION website for examples of their video work. 

Speaking Engagements

"One Route Closes, Another Route Opens," Forum on Migration, St. Francis College (New York, USA) 2021

 "Culture Diversity in the Media," Webster Leiden (Netherlands) 2020
"The Greek Refugee Crisis," Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility, The New School (New York, USA) 2018
"Ethical Considerations in Journalism," School of History, Culture, and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2018

"Forgotten Atrocities," Center for International Human Rights, John Jay School of Criminal Justice (New York, USA) 2018

"From Fragmentation to Integration," 68th Annual International Communication Association Conference in Prague (Czech Republic) 2018

"The First Genocide of the 20th Century," Corporate Presentation for Analysis Group (Boston, USA) 2017

"The First Genocide of the 20th Century," Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University (New York, USA) 2017

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