In Search of Home

In 2016, a deal between Turkey and the EU was enacted to stem the flow of refugees arriving to Europe from Turkey. The deal has left well over 60,000 refugees and asylees trapped in Greece, most living in containers and tents in refugee camps and informal settlements. 

The conditions at Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesvos (just off the Turkish coast), are particularly alarming. Built for 2,000 people, now over 7,000 live in and around the camp.

Hindered by long waits for asylum, refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and elsewhere wait in a limbo exacerbated by EU policy measures. This series sheds light on the Greek refugee crisis in Lesbos, one of the world’s refugee ‘hotspots,’ as asylum-seekers contemplate their search for home and reflect on their traumatic past.

The series comprises portraits of refugees who have fled war, terrorism, and persecution, and images which reflect these individuals’ new daily lives. Photographs also shed light on the aftermath of their harrowing journey across the Mediterranean, with thousands of lifejackets left behind by refugees after their dangerous journey from Turkey to Greece – many of whom do not survive. Despite the traumatic past they leave behind, and the abysmal conditions found in their current refugee camps, each asylum-seeker hopes for a brighter future – for a new, safe, home.

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